Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting rid of belly fat

An interesting article I read on NY Times says that Obesity increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses, but a surprising new finding suggests it may not affect one’s health until after age 40.

What this means is that we should be watching our weight so as not to be obese after age 40.

A conscious effort on what and how much we eat and to include an effective exercise regimen in our routine would save us from having to get rid of belly fat later on. Still, it's worth it, on many levels, not to be overweight - at any age. It's easy to pack on those pounds but will be tough to get them off.

Image source: NY Times


  1. Think sit ups would be one of the best natural way to trim the belly I guess and a strict diet helps. Very skeptical about consuming burners or what nots. tQ

  2. If done right and religiously, I believe sit-ups do help too. Even cycling is great, I believe.

  3. Now-a-days people are over conscious about their health. They are checking on their diet and following a strict routine to live a healthy life. Obesity can cause many problems and hence a check should be imposed on being too fatty. Bye.

  4. With so much nice food around, it's tough not to have belly fat! Haha! Which reminds me, I must exercise more often from now on!! : )