Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simply.com - Effective business advertising

Big corporations spend big bucks advertising each year. However, most small businesses do not have that kind of budget to spend on expensive advertising. We now know why.

A recent survey conducted by Simply.com reveals that 46% of small businesses do not know how to advertise online or did not feel they understood online advertising well enough to make their campaigns work effectively.

When it comes to online advertising, most businesses use Google advertising. While Google Adwords is popular, there isn't a strong support team that customers can call at any time for help and advice. Simply.com's unique advertising model may be the answer. The system is easy to use and the ads are highly targeted among the positives of this system.

With Simply.com, the Google campaigns which customers set up are monitored and improved by a team of qualified Adwords professionals. Also, Simply.com provides clear and simple online reports which show a campaign’s performance in real-time. Plus, there are no monthly fees and no hidden costs; customers simply pay for the clicks, and minimum spending is just a low £5 meaning that a small business will get more out of their advertising budget and get the traffic and business they need. Simply.com provides a new and effective approach to website advertising small businesses can benefit from. Effective online advertising couldn't be simpler and more cost-effective...


  1. I thought this used to be a social networking site? :/

  2. I've no idea about that but this current instrument that they have sounds useful to enhance advertising especially so for small businesses.