Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Gifts for Men from Personal Creations

Do you have trouble getting gifts for men? Some of us do. Worry no more. Here is a great gift idea.

A galvanized beverage tub from Personal Creations is just the thing to get for a guy. When he finds it so convenient to have his friends over for a few cool drinks, he'll thank you for it. Check out the site for more gifts for men.

Come to think of it, a beverage tub is also just the thing for a housewarming gift. Summer's here and barbeques just won't do without cold beverages. A beverage tub would be one perfect gift for a new homeowner!

Inset shows beverage tub on a stand.


  1. cool idea but i guess we are more used to those plastic thermo style of beverage tubs here in KL right?? kekeke :p

  2. You're right, SK, but you'll have to agree these beverage tubs are a lot classier..

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  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

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