Monday, September 19, 2011

New KTM Komuter trains to ease congestion

From one mode of transportation, the KL monorail, to another here.. to beat the traffic congestion, taking the Komuter train is another way of getting to and from work for those who live in an area where this train service is available. Unfortunately, this train service leaves much to be desired with the breakdowns and their not keeping to the schedules. Getting to work or classes late may be a daily consequence for some.

The good news is, KTM has bought 38 new six-car train sets (SCS) and the first set of SCS is scheduled to arrive at Port Klang on Sept 25. Another five more sets will be delivered between November and December, while the remaining 32 are scheduled to be delivered in stages from January to June 2012.

Below is a picture of the new six-car train set put up by KTM at KL Sentral for public display. Called My Komuter, the train has a design speed of 140km per hour and an operating speed of 120km per hour.

Interior of the new six-car train set.

Newly-added features include LCD info screens, LED destination indicator, two coaches for women, priority seating zone, dynamic route map, intercom and CCTV.

KTMB currently has 53 stations with the addition of two new ones in Sungai Gadut and Senawang to take passengers from Batu Caves to Sungai Gadut and Tanjung Malim to Port Klang.

KTM Komuter started its services with 64 Electric Multiple Units. On Aug 3, 1995, the first KTM Komuter train began taking passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Rawang. Free trips were offered until Aug 11, 1995.

There are also "women only" coaches.

Source: The Star


  1. well well well, KTM is seeking improvements?? hmmm, let's see~~ :p

  2. This is good news I guess? Anyway, I will still be driving my car LOL!

  3. SK, way to go if the govt wants to promote the use of public transportation to reduce traffic jams.

    Foong, it is good news indeed for people needing this mode of transport.

  4. Thanks to [SK] gomen is hearing your voice haha. Oh 'women only' coaches?

  5. I would rather want MORE trains rather than longer trains. You don't want to wait 30 min, do you?