Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Frolics - The Waves Test

Let's do a simple personality test this week, The Waves Test.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, everyone!

You Make Beautiful Waves

Life would be boring if you just sat back and watched it unfold.

You like to make things happen, but in a very ordered and interesting way.

You don't really like chaos. You tend to plan throughly and execute your plans well.

You are very creative, eloquent, and expressive. You know how to accomplish great things, even if you're just playing around.

Your turn.


  1. Bananaz is Making Big Waves haha..tQ

    You're type of person who gets carried away from time to time. You tend to think and life big.
    You believe that there can't be too much of a good thing... until you get too much.

    You can overwhelm other people with your enthusiasm, but they know that your heart is in the right place.
    Once you get rolling with an idea or plan, it's hard for you to stop. You can get really caught up in the moment!


    You can't help it. You have a flair drama, and everything tends to be pretty high stakes in your life. You never notice when the intensity is coming on, but things do tend to build up for you over time. You like the thrills that come with dramatic feelings and actions, but even you can burn yourself out at times. Your energy tends to come in big waves, and then you're forced to chill out when the storm has passed.

  3. hahaha thats interesting :) Happy Friday!

    Hey iBananaz! Haven't seen you around for a long time! you quit blogging or what????? hahah okay kidding.

  4. Oh! I'm like you! I make beautiful waves! : )

  5. Hi All, no matter what wave you are, I know you all have HEART.

    Hi Netstar, you too. Thank you for stopping by.

    Yeah, Bananaz must be working on something big for his blog.