Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Frolics - What's Your Ism?

Ism is defined in this dictionary as

a distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice: This is the age of isms.

It's a
— suffix forming nouns
1. indicating an action, process, or result: criticism ; terrorism
2. indicating a state or condition: paganism
3. indicating a doctrine, system, or body of principles and practices: Leninism ; spiritualism
4. indicating behaviour or a characteristic quality: heroism
5. indicating a characteristic usage, esp of a language: colloquialism ; Scotticism
6. indicating prejudice on the basis specified: sexism ; ageism

[from Old French -isme, from Latin -ismus, from Greek -ismos ]

This week's quiz is about Your Ism. It comes with a set of interesting questions too. Take the quiz to find out What's Your Ism.

Happy Friday, everyone!
Happy holiday too for those of you who'll be enjoying the Saturday off. This year, June 1 is Yang di-Pertuan Agong's Birthday.

And now, the quiz..

You Are Hedonism

You believe in enjoying all of world's small and large pleasures. Life's too short to feel guilty.

If it feels good, you do it. And you try to avoid pain at all costs, because pain is a major bummer.

And while you enjoy the baser pleasures, like food and drinking - there's more to you than that.

You find joy and delight wherever possible. You truly live well, and you're proud of that fact.

Last Week's Quiz: How Are You Spiritual?


  1. oh, i am hedonism as well!! what a coincidence~~

  2. Absurdism! I think this one might be spot-on! :D

  3. The older we grow, the more critical and cynical we become.

    1. The wiser too, I want to believe.

      Hello there, Mockingbird! So good to have you visit again. :D

  4. Absurdism for is interesting huh!

    1. Life is interesting and crazy! But I like..

  5. didnt know what is lsm till you highlighted

    mine is You Are Stoicism