Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Frolics - How's Your Attention Span?

Just when I thought it's going to be a sunny day today, alas, it's not to be. Yes, it's still hazy out there here in Kuala Lumpur despite the readings.

We haven't had real sunshine since the haze started a month ago. I miss the sparrows chirping outside too and the pigeons in flight in groups. This morning was the sunniest these past weeks.

I have a shot taken this morning to show for it.

Talk about attention span, the weather I mean, this week's personality quiz is just about that - attention span - but you already know how you fare. Take the quiz anyway to see if it matches your real attention span.

Happy Friday!

Your Attention Span is Long

Your attention span is amazingly long.

You can concentrate well, and your mind doesn't stray easily.

Even if you have a mundane task to complete, you can get it done easily.

Because you don't get distracted, you accomplish more than most people.

Your self discipline is your greatest strength.

You can will yourself to do almost anything. All you have to do is put your mind to it.
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