Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Be Your Own Boss...

Of late, perhaps a year or so back, cafes seem to have been springing up everywhere in the Klang Valley. There certainly is no shortage of kopitiams (cafes) anywhere.

Most if not all of them sport more or less the same decor - dark brown colour scheme, 60s/70s old style decorative knick-knacks, though no spittoon (thank goodness!). Not surprising about this retro look as kopitiams are a product of that era. The contemporary ones are actually a revival, a blast from the past, if you will. And these cafes do draw in quite a crowd too.

Indeed, there is no business like food business, so goes the cliche. However, if you are interested in owning a business but food business is not what you have in mind, there must be lots of other businesses available. For example, if you were to look up any classifieds in any medium, I am sure you would be able to find a small business for sale in any category.


  1. I like Kluang Station but not Old Town...the former's food quality's better.

  2. Old Town food is just 'bearable'. I haven't been to Kluang Station. Yes, food quality would entice me there. Are there many in town? I only know the one at IKEA's.

  3. one f&b biz that is having a buzz is also the semi high end outlets. and discos & bars.

    its quite a big thing here in spore and these food tycoons are quite celebrated :)

    for me, biz is good only if we have the passion for it :)

  4. QC, over here in KL, lots of cafes have sprung up such as Damansara and Wangsa Maju areas. And yes, clubs and other nightspots are doing a roaring business. Can you imagine Malaysia banning alcohol and/or cigarettes? KL and other cities would be dead!! Ultimately, Malaysia. Scary thought though.

    I'm with you about the passion. Passion drives everything.