Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Frolics - What's Your Spiritual Number?

Numbers play a major part in our world though at face value, they are nothing more than for denoting sequence or labelling things for our easy reference. Do you think numbers do determine our life?

In the Chinese Taoist society, numbers play a key role in a person's life path, from the time and date of birth right up to the day the person dies. Chinese people of the olden days, referred to the Chinese Almanac before they embark on anything major including house-moving, getting engaged, getting married, making a major business deal, etc. Some still do. Nothing important proceeds without consulting the Almanac. My late grandmother had one readily available.

This may sound absurd but one is even able to tell how a person will fair in life from the Almanac based on the time and date of birth. There is much to be learned from this wonderful book which is updated yearly and can be bought from the shop that deals in prayer products. I believe there is one in English now though the true meaning might have been lost in the translation.

Back to this week's quiz - What's your spiritual number?

My spiritual number is Seven and I have often heard that Seven is a number in magic..

My result? Oh my! I am not worthy!

Your Spiritual Number is Seven

You bring knowledge and wisdom into people's lives.

You are an expert in many fields, and you give excellent advice.

Right now, your life is about perfecting your skill set.

You are almost a virtuoso at the thing you love best. With some practice, you'll get there.

You are highly intelligent and intellectual. You have profound analytical skills.

But you also have the soul of an artist. You long to create.

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  1. Yours is 7? Haha =) I have always love 7even because Seven ryhmes with heaven right? =)

  2. That quiz took a while to do because I had so many potential answers to some of them. In the end, my spiritual number is FIVE.

    You bring adventure and change to people's lives.
    You are willing to challenge your friends and push them to grow.

    Right now, your life is about figuring out where to direct your energy.
    If you're not careful, you can become too unreliable or flighty. You need the perfect project.

    You live a free form life - which allows you to be very innovative and a great problem solver.
    Rules, schedules, and structure practically destroy you. You have to do things your own way.

  3. T, nice. A simple way of liking something.

    MM, am I correct to presume that this result is pretty close to who you are? You bring adventure and change to people's lives - free form life - innovative. Refreshing.