Saturday, December 27, 2008

Live Green - No Air-conditioning?

December is known to be a wet month here being the monsoon season. People of the east coast of the peninsula are usually prepared in the event of floods. Year-end exams are sometimes moved forward to accommodate this situation. Club Med which is located on the east coast is closed this time of the year beginning end of September and will stay closed until February or March.

Being a tropical country, Malaysia sees only rain and sunshine though we get the occasional electrical storms and strong winds. After the rain yesterday, it is good to see the sun out today. However, these days, it is not wise to go out into the sun with no protection. I use an umbrella going under the sun. A little protection goes a long way, don't you think? And in this weather, I hate to think of sitting in a car with an air-conditioning unit with a broken down a/c compressor. God forbid!

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