Thursday, December 11, 2008

iPhone - Useful Tips and Tricks

Everywhere you turn to, some article or story about the iPhone is bound to pop up. In Malaysia, the iPhone is not officially on sale. Yeah, we still live on trees! Just the other day, a friend was ranting away that even Botswana is on the list of countries scheduled to have the iPhone on sale. No offence to Botswana.

Our First World neighbour, Singapore, has already been having it for months. I got someone there to check up on the price. A 3G 8Gb iPhone is tagged at S$348 and a 16Gb unit S$508. Both inclusive of a two-year contract with subscription at S$56. It is illegal to sell without a subscription. However, there have been Malaysians bringing in the phone without a subscription. Eh?

Everyday on Twitter, there would be a few tweets about the iPhone. Below are two good articles on the how-to's. You may already know all or most of them but useful for newbies.

10 useful iPhone tips & tricks
101 Most Essential iPhone Apps of 2008


  1. Don't know why but I am not crazy about iphones :) Guess I am not a techie personality.

  2. PandaB, Good one! LOL! I too am not such a big fan of the cellphone and often miss SMSes to the point where I get comments like, "If I needed help, I would have died!" Oops! Oh well...

    But I think I might get an iPhone. The conscience may ask, "Do I really need one?" Decisions!

    MBL, good for you. You know what you want or er... don't want.

  3. I don't really like the hype that people makes about Iphone. Of course they are trendy but they are not the best out there. =/ So I just don't care if they land in malaysia or not. LOL. No offense Iphone lover! =)