Saturday, December 13, 2008

Year-end and Christmas Shopping

Shopping malls are busy places during weekends. Not being able to get a parking space at One Utama last week, I decided to leave after going around the lot three times and on different floors too.

Besides the Malaysia Mega Sale in Aug-Sep of each year, the year-end sale is also a good time to pick up items at a discount. The year-end sale augurs well for parents who have school-going children as this is a good time to pick up school uniforms, shoes and socks, stationery and schoolbags and other school-related paraphernalia.

Though the malls may be crowded, it cannot be as bad as the crowd in the U.S. on Black Friday where shoppers wait in line long before the doors open, some as early as three or four in the morning.

Shopping on Cyber Monday however, would be less hectic as shopping is done online in the comfort of one's home or office, though the Internet would be clogged with shoppers looking for a good bargain shopping for Christmas. Still, it sure beats being physically caught in a traffic jam of both vehicles and people.


  1. To get parking in 1Utama during weekends, you must be there latest by 10.30am. Otherwise, no more parking spaces left!! That's from my own experience : )

  2. Foong, that is useful info. Thanks!

  3. I see so many ppl shopping...doesn't seem like the economy's that bad.

  4. MBL, exactly my sentiments. Also, remember Malaysia is not in a recession.

    I noticed a lot of new cars on the road too. Wilayah number plate is now at WSA XXXX. Oil has gone down to $35 a barrel I read.

  5. Serious 3 in morning? They must be crazy! =/

  6. T, no joke. People sleep outside the store so as to get in front of the queue to be able to grab the item(s) desired.