Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have You Laughed Today?

I like funny. I like humour. But you already know that. (Which reminds me, I have not been posting jokes lately.) I have been told that I could tell jokes with a straight face. Yeah, and most of them are not for kids. Oops! I am bad!

Laughter is good. Laughter is the best medicine - a little cliched but research has shown that laughter can make an ill person well or at least feel better physically. Laughing makes use of less facial muscles than frowning. Did you know that?

It is not difficult to make yourself and others smile or laugh. You don't even have to crack a joke or talk. These funny t shirts can just do the trick. They would surely bring out a chuckle or two wherever you go.


  1. These are really funny..hahha bowling problem!

  2. Haha! Very funny! Agree laughter is the best medicine : )

  3. MBL, yeah, thinking outside the box.

    MM, I know. The most mundane things can mean so much sometimes. I hope you get the chance (to laugh) sometimes - amid the sky falling. Cheer up!

    Foong, laughter heals, even for a moment.