Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Favorite Shopping Tote-bag

If you have been to Ikea, (who hasn't!) you would have noticed the huge yellow totes they have at the entrance and at strategic locations in the store. I love those - a brilliant idea!

On my recent outing there, I noticed these same bags are available for sale in the store. Woh! I was delighted so I picked up one. Just one, too many becomes clutter. These are in blue, not yellow though. Still, they are great for shopping when plastic bags will no longer be issued at check-out counters. Such spaciousness. They remind me of a laundry hamper.


  1. These environmentally friendly shopping bags are everywhere these days...Ikea must have started the trend. Great idea to help reduce the usage of plastic bags. I guess use of plastic bags will not go away considering we are so used to using them.

  2. Sooner or later, plastic bags will have to give way but it's good to know that some bags are now biodegradable.

  3. Oh, those bags! Yes, looks pretty good and great for environment too! : )

  4. I've never been to an Ikea store. My cloth shopping bags are from our grocery store which only charges ¥100 yen for them. Plastics are bad for so many reasons, glad to see cloth bags catching on.

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    Time for me to go to "bedio". :)

  5. Foong, they are great for storing stuff too.

    PandaB, cloth shopping bags are better in the sense that they can be washed. The only drawback is that they can get wet if something gets spilled. The eco-bags here are pretty cheap too. One can cost as low as USD1.20. Would 100Yen be about that too?