Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be Careful With Your Money

Good morning, All.

Here's a heads-up to whoever has a Maybank account with ATM access. Some of you might already know about this. This warning came from someone in Credit Risk Management.

All MAYBANK Account Holders

Whoever has the Maybank account number with ATM card, please be careful when withdrawing money through ATM machine,

1. For the first time when you enter the right pin number, a message 'invalid pin number' pops up.

2. Then, when you enter your pin number for the second time, a message 'invalid pin number, please call this number 'xxx-xxxx' pops up.

3. If you call this number, you will lose all your money.

NOTE: if you encounter the above matter, please DO NOT call the number. One of my friends just lost RM700.00 on last Sunday and Maybank checked his last transaction was on that day itself even though he did not withdraw any money. Please forward this to your friends.

How awful this is happening. There goes the crib bedding. Oops! I was thinking that RM700.00 would have got a friend's baby some lovely crib bedding she has been eyeing.

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