Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There Is No Business Like Food Business

With the economic downturn, business is getting competitive. Every one is out to get you to part with your money. I was in Wangsa Maju the other evening and noticed the row of new shops. There certainly is no shortage of restaurants or eateries for the residents around that area and every single one was packed which you can see as you pass by as the restaurants are along the main road. Vehicles parked on both sides of the road narrow it down to one lane.

Not only was the place crowded, the shop signages are equally so. They all make up an interesting fusion of shapes, sizes and colors. I am not sure if I saw any digital signage though.


  1. Food business will survive even during economic downturn....people still need to eat but maybe not so lavish.

  2. i agree with you on this... my friend was just telling me something simiilar - easiest business: sell umbrella when its raining time.

    i think ill blog on this soon :)

  3. Food biz is definitely a good biz to go into especially if your food is good and you sell at reasonable price. Sure huge profits!! But if your food is lousy, be prepared to close shop! : )

  4. MBL, right you are. I notice supermarkets and hypermarkets are still doing a roaring business, probably because people are eating in more.

    QC, absolutely. Looking forward to your post.

    Foong, lol! Everything's relative.