Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When I was in lower primary, (down memory lane a little here), my favorite period used to be Arts & Crafts. We would alternate between actual art activity (water-color painting) and crafts activity (making crafts - puppets and stuff). One of the latter is playing with plasticine and building blocks and bricks, and we would always wish the period was longer than its 40 or 45 minutes.

When we think building blocks, what comes to mind? Why, LEGO, of course!

Children can spend hours on the simple activity of assembling and breaking up LEGO bricks. That accounts for why parents have a tough time tearing kids away from Lego brick stations at malls.

Playing with these bricks is actually educational. Among others, it improves a child's dexterity and inculcates imagination and creativity. LEGO is not only for kids. Oh, yeah! Adults too can get equally fascinated by and get caught up with these small, versatile and colorful bricks and miniature figurines, etc.

See what I mean?

This picture is from The Brickish Association, a UK-based community of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). Theirs is a very active community both on and off the Internet and their members are interested in all aspects of LEGO, from its history and collecting to building and displaying.

A few other inspiring and creative works of LEGO art..

Check out more and the source of these LEGO creations..

So when was the last time you played with LEGO bricks? Been a while, eh?


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    LEGOs are marvellous creations!

  2. Mothers love them, and hate them the same time. Love them because they get some peace and me-time while the kids are engrossed with their set; hate them when kids get choked. Win some, lose some. Still, LEGO will never go out of style and they make great gifts for children. Classic toys LEGO makes.