Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Frolics - Are You Truth or Dare

Me, outrageous?! LOL! Well, maybe just a wee bit..

You Are Dare

You are outrageous, adventurous, and wild. You live to have fun.

You are all about taking risks and pushing limits. You love the rush of doing something forbidden.

Like most daring people, you are highly intelligent and creative. That's why you get bored so easily.

You need a lot of stimulation and novelty in your life. You aren't satisfied with the mundane.

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  1. Are You Truth or Dare?


  2. I think too little end-result otherwise it would be more accurate. I got Dare but I think I'm both truth and dare lol.

  3. I'm dare. Although I think I'm truth too.

  4. This quiz is just a little too bipolar to be of much use. Life is not only black and white. Even a dog probably sees shades of gray.

  5. PandaB, Yes to both. I get it. LOL!

    JL, Foong, I think all of us are situationally both. That's normal.

    MM, so true. Life is neither one end nor the other. My bad for picking this one. :(