Thursday, March 5, 2009

RM1 Air Ticket to Langkawi or Singapore

What can RM1 (One Ringgit) buy you these days. Not much. Not even a decent packet of nasi lemak. But hey, it can still buy you a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi or Singapore. On budget airline, Air Asia. And with a return flight, the whole trip will only set you back by RM142. This would be like one-fifth of a MAS trip to the same destination.

Yep, that's travelling budget for you, that is if you don't mind having to walk on the tarmac to the aircraft, paying for your seat, your refreshments, but not the use of the lavatory yet. Who knows, this might happen as Ryanair (Irish low cost airline) hinted that passengers might be obliged to insert a British pound coin for access to the lavatory to get some in-flight relief. But I digress.

Back to Air Asia's cheap fares. One way ticket to Phuket is only at RM10 while to Bali it is RM50. Time to give yourself a holiday then. There is a catch though, travel period is only between Mar 23 to Sep 11. Still, it is a good six months to go. So, start making plans for your holiday now.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I should really consider flying Air Asia one day...I have yet to and the deals are getting better and crazier! :)

  2. Air Asia is great for short trips (less than three hours or so) but for long haul, I'd stay with regular airlines.

  3. My family and I are traveling to Bali from Perth via KL on AirAsia.
    The fares were soooo cheap.
    Even though we are doubling are traveling time, we are paying about 1/3rd of the regular fare on Garuda.
    Hope it all goes well.

  4. Hi TheBudgetTravelGuy, thanks for visiting.

    The availability of budget airlines has indeed raised air-travel, travel for that matter, to a whole new level. Air tickets need not cost a bomb these days, eh?

    Enjoy your holiday in Bali.