Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Party Must Go On..

It is a glorious day outside, white fluffy clouds floating by against the blue blue sky. Nope, did not spot any UFO like the last time. After the days of rain and gloom the past week, blue skies are very much a welcome sight. Today is March 8. Does it ring a bell?

This time last year, most Malaysians had to wake up early (yours truly included) in order to beat the queue at the much anticipated General Elections. Many were hoping for a change in government, little did we know that the upheaval was in fact so close at hand. The results turned out positively overwhelming for some and overwhelmingly devastating for others. Opposition won a number of states to the horror of the ruling party. The rest is as we know it today.

This time last year was more joyful, in terms of the economic situation. This time around, like elsewhere in the world, Malaysia is suffering probably the worst economic crisis Malaysia has ever seen with close to 20,000 people losing their jobs. There is bad news all around, including the country's political scene where both the left and right wings are bickering non-stop not being able to reach closure enough to move on.

This is really sad as their resources should really be put to much better use, such as thinking up and working on strategies to improve the nations's economic situation to lighten the burden of the people, helping them put food on the table. No, I won't go any further. Sure don't want to add to the gloom.

I hope you will have a wonderful day ahead.

Happy birthday, LB. Happy birthday, Samy Vellu.

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  1. You saw an UFO last time? That's incredible! How I wish I can get to see one! I've been searching the skies since small for a glimpse of UFO, but it never ever appears to my eyes.

    Time just passes by so fast! One year since the last general election! And what do we have now? More political bickerings and nothing concrete from Pakatan Rakyat, and even worse from BN. Sigh....

  2. Thanks for the post, Happy. I think I feels like home now ;p

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Yesterday was a clear sunny day with blue skies..but also scorching hot!

  4. Foong, I couldn't believe it myself when I first saw this moving object. I thought it was just my imagination. I kept gazing at it trying not to lose sight of it until it went behind the clouds.

    But I didn't strike lottery though. LOL!

    Hey hey hey, Low. So good to have you dropping by again. Welcome back, indeed! :)

    Mei Teng, true. Would you believe it, I thought of you and was happy for you that the weather played along. Hope you had an enjoyable outing. Looking forward to your pictures.

  5. Thank you, dearest Happiest Surfer... :-) You know you always bring a big broad smile to my face every single time.. :-) Always! Big hugs for you!

  6. Aww..thank you, dear LB..*blushing*
    You know, you always bring out the best in me..:) Always! Thanks for coming by.