Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hotel Stay Need Not Be Costly

It is hard to believe that Kuala Lumpur can run out of hotel rooms sometimes. What I mean is rooms at 5-star hotels. A friend who is organizing a conference early April is finding it difficult securing hotel rooms for delegates.

Yes, Kuala Lumpur does play host to international meetings and functions. Early April happens to be Formula One and when this event comes to town, not only are rooms limited, the ones available are priced three times the regular rate!

My friend sometimes had to put guests at extended stay hotels or apartment hotels. If one is staying for an extended period of time, I should think extended stay hotels are most suitable as they come with a kitchen, just like what a home has, plus the place comes with full hotel amenities. And it is a lot cheaper too.


  1. When I was in the US, I stayed in Candlewood Suites. The price was $35 + tax. The catch was: one had to stay for at least one month to enjoy the rate.

  2. Wow first time I heard KL ran out of hotel rooms. That's actually...good news! Good business for 5-star hotels XD

  3. KS, that's good to know. Our apartment hotels here do offer a lower rate for long-staying guests. Guest just need to make enquiries.

    JL, it happens when there are several international functions running concurrently. Of course, rooms are still available in non 5-star hotels but multinational corporations will not have their employees or guests staying in anything less than 5-star hotels. Good accommodation in Kuala Lumpur may be plentiful but can run out. It is wise to make hotel reservations early.

  4. What about Tune Hotels???
    Now these guys say that they are providing 5 star service at a 1 star price.
    And the prices are really really low!

  5. Tune Hotels are great for generating savings, especially if you have a big group/family travelling together and you do not care about luxurious amenities or view as what you will get in a 5-star hotel.

    The Tune Hotel here in Kuala Lumpur is good and located in a shopping area. One thing is for sure. It's much better than a regular B&B here. For starters, it's new and managed by Air Asia.

    All along where the Tune Hotel is located, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, is shopping and sights and it crosses a junction named Chow Kit Road to the north at one end and stretches right up malls and national monuments and heritage buildings downtown Kuala Lumpur. Sogo shopping mall is one place you would want to do some shopping. If you are here third week of March, you might be able to enjoy the School holiday sale and prices can sometimes go down to a 70% discount!

    If you like to explore markets, wet markets that is, Chow Kit Road has a wet market that is one of the biggest and well-known in Kuala Lumpur. Go in the morning and you will get to experience the hustle and bustle of a regular busy market in Kuala Lumpur. A little warning though, like everywhere else, just be extra careful about your wallet and handbag (watch out for snatch-thieves).

    Leave a comment on this blog if you need more information. Will be happy to share what I know.

    Enjoy your visit here with us and happy shopping.

    And thank you for dropping by.