Saturday, March 21, 2009

Living by Color

Alright, it is the weekend again and in case you are out of activities to indulge in, here is something that might interest you. You can arrange all your Books by color like this..

Neat, eh? I used to arrange my clothes like this, color-coded. I must say, it is a pretty sight, starting from white at one end and ending all clothes in black at the other. But, it got tiring after a while so now clothes are back to shirts and blouses together, tees together, dresses and frocks together, pants and jeans together and other birds of the same feather together,

Most of my friends hang everything together. So when it comes to looking for an item, sometimes they would have to dig through racks and racks of clothes.

How do you arrange your clothes? Maybe you have a better system.. ?


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Haha..that's so so organized! I am generally a very organized person at work but not when it comes to clothes. I don't dare show anyone my wardrobe...only for me to see.

  2. Arrange the books by colours? Wow! If only I have the free time to do such things! I rather sleep or blog. Haha!

  3. I arranged my clothes by the day of last wash, hahaha...

    BTW, am trying to know more about Twitter. Would you mind dropping by at my blog and give your comment?

  4. Yeah, a wardrobe can be a very private space even though it houses stuff that one flaunts to the world. LOL! Talk about paradox, eh?

    Foong, to each his own, I suppose.

    KS, that is an interesting system. That way, your clothes get a good rotation. Great concept.

    Comments on Twitter? Sure. Will come by your blog. You have signed up? That's great! Welcome aboard!

  5. Arranging clothes by color makes sense. Books? NO! How would you ever find anything? Books belong in sections by their subject and then by author. Unless one's books are only for show...

  6. I thought so too. The person must be having a system where he can locate his books. Nice aesthetics, no doubt.