Monday, March 23, 2009

Air Crashes - Tokyo and Montana

MSN reported that In Tokyo, a FedEx cargo plane burst into flames after bouncing off a runway in unusually high winds at Tokyo's main international airport Monday, killing the pilot and copilot and closing a major runway for several hours.

The flight from Guangzhou, China, skipped along the main runway at Narita Airport before skidding to a fiery halt, according to footage from airport security cameras. Firefighters and rescuers immediately swarmed the plane.

The only people onboard the flight, the pilot and copilot, were pulled from the cockpit and taken to a local hospital, where they were later confirmed dead.

Elsewhere in Montana, USA, there was another air disaster involving a small plane, possibly carrying children on a ski trip. The plane crashed Sunday as it approached the Butte airport, killing 14 to 17 people aboard. The single engine turboprop nose-dived into a cemetery 500 feet from its destination. The aircraft crashed and burned while attempting to land.

Source: MSN


  1. Terrible crashes. The winds at Narita were gusting to over 40 knots this morning and were blowing from the west, whereas the runway runs almost north and south. I amazed they tried to land.

    Also, I heard that most of the passengers on the plane in Montana were kids on a skiing trip.

    Very sad news.

  2. Yes, terrible. Strong winds are worrisome especially if they are in the wrong direction. I remember one time the car I was travelling in swayed twice while we were driving across a "wind-socked" area. My girlfriend was driving.

    7 of the 14 dead are children in the Montana crash.

  3. Scary all these air plane disasters. I heard they usually come in threes.

  4. Hope not for this. Don't worry too much, Foong, just go and enjoy your China holiday. Exciting times ahead, eh?

  5. Oh yeah, but before going China, I'll be going to KK on a solo trip next month. Inspired by Quachee! haha!

    Btw, care to enlighten me on the X and Y chromosomes thingy in connection to homosexuality in my post? : )

  6. Just to KK, Foong? Not stopping by at Kuching enroute back? AirAsia has a lot of flights.

    What I meant is the theory about the female template in the book you were reading is not quite in line with the existing theory that in the XY sex-determination system, females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), while males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY) and either one or the other will be inherent once the female egg is fertilised.

    We are still in the process of evolving, so new discoveries may emerge, who knows.

  7. Oh, thanks for the explanation. Well, must read more about this chromosomes thing. But I think it'll be inconclusive.

    Kuching? Don't think will be going there, but well, who knows? : )

  8. Such crashes make me scared of taking aeroplanes. :(
    But I have to because of business.

  9. Foong, Kuching is a good place for a real holiday because it's so laid back. If you go there, you may want to visit the orangutan sanctuary.

    Hi ECL, welcome back! I don't mean to scare but there'd be more to come as the world becomes more chaotic with more natural disasters. However, there's really nothing to worry about as I believe the way we die has all been determined by our karma. So, enjoy your travels. Thanks for coming by (again).

  10. Hey, I thought there's orangutan in Sempilok , near KK?