Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - March 28 to 31

Like other capital cities around the world, there is always something happening too here in Kuala Lumpur.

Yes, the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is back in Malaysia!

If you and your family had so much fun at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya last year, you will be sure to have yet another unforgettable experience at this year's event!

For the first-timer, it will be an awesome experience not to be missed!

Come March 28 – 31, Malaysia will once again host a fiesta like no other in the country! The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta returns to the Monumen Alaf Baru (also known as Monument Millennium) grounds for the fifth year running promising to be more exciting, more fun-filled with activities the whole family can partake in.

You will get to see more exciting special shaped balloons such as the Smurf Balloon, piloted by Koen Audenaert of Belgium, as well as the Clown Balloon piloted by Sven Grenzner of Germany. Great photo opportunity there so don't leave home without your camera.

2013 also marks the return of the highly-anticipated “night glow” event where the hot air balloons will participate in a light-and-sound show on the night of March 30; culminating in a beautiful display of fireworks. You don't want to miss that!

Look forward to activities including
- a para-motor exhibition
- helicopter joy rides – suitable for families who welcome a unique experience
- tethered hot air balloon rides
- Mountain Dew Extreme Zone

and for the young ones,
- colouring contests
- other on-ground competitions.

You can also expect new and exciting activities including the Walk in the Balloon where visitors can experience being actually inside the giant balloons, music performance by the Kuala Lumpur Jazz Festival amongst others. Get 30% discount should you choose to use the KLIA Transit to Putrajaya during the fiesta period. How cool is that!

For optimum enjoyment, here is the suggested Visitor Guideline:

1. Come as early as you can to catch their 7am morning flight.
2. Wear proper attire and get ready for outdoor activities. A set of extra clothes would be a good idea just in case.
3. Be prepared for the weather. Bring shades and/or an umbrella.
4. Tickets for hot air balloon rides are limited, so come early to secure your ride.
5. Bring your camera or your sketchpad or whatever you have. Memories are made of such events. If you are tweeting or instagramming to share with friends and family, do remember to tag it #myballoonfiesta.
6. BYOB i.e., Bring your own bicycle to cycle around the event site as parking might be a hassle.
and finally
7. If you get lost, the landmark is the Monument Alaf Baru, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.

Here is how to get there to the 5th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

More information about the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013 activity lineup and sponsorship opportunities can be obtained by visiting www.myballoonfiesta.com or by calling 03-7981 8769.

See you there!


  1. oh...its back ya...went there one year...maybe this year can go again

    1. Your little boy will love being there, I'm sure. Have fun!

  2. So, GE will not fall on that week?

    1. Good observation, KS. I read that the chief's calendar is full for March so GE13 will have to be after that.

  3. this is an interesting international event that i have MISSED every year!! how could i?? haha~~

    1. So you will be there this year? Enjoy!

  4. Oh! Here it comes again! How time flies!!

    1. Indeed, how time flies! Will you be there. Great photo opportunity!