Monday, February 27, 2006

His Favorite Passion Pose

Every guy has a sex position he prefers, and believe it or not, it can reveal a ton about his personality.

"Men who like the closeness of side-by-side sex tend to need reassurance of a woman's feelings for them," says body-language expert Jan Hargrave. "This sexual stance provides a lot of intimacy, which would indicate that he's the sensitive and sweet type."

From Behind
You'll always feel looked after by this confident, take-charge stud. Still, he can be standoffish at times. "In this position, you can't make eye contact, so he won't feel like he's exposing himself emotionally," Hargrave explains

"Men who prefer missionary tend to do things by the book, making them faithful, loving boyfriends who won't let you down," says Hargrave. If you like stability and tenderness, he's your match.

According to our August 2005 sex survey, 53 percent of men prefer this chick-in-charge pose. "These playful guys are always looking to have a good time, but they still know how to be attentive," explains Hargrave. "Pleasing you is a priority, which is why they prefer a position that best allows you to achieve orgasm."

Source: Cosmopolitan Men


  1. hmmmm... true and not so true..

    Different culture does play a part in these preference..

    There is always joke on the Sikh love position.. hahaha.. whatever it is, dun stay next to a raunchy Sikh couple or else your house will shake.

  2. Hmmm! Sensuous post. Useful, especially for men concerned about the personalities they try to project. What type of personality do you prefer?

    The one from behind sounds more like he just got back from a summer sheep herding up in brokeback mountain, ay?

  3. Sounds like new way of deciding if someone is you MAN or not. I cannot help much...but what's true and what's not, erm, **bin?


  4. Robin, true and not so true..
    - Of course not all are true. How else are they going to sell magazines if they reveal the boring truths! hahah...

    Culture, Robin? I thought sex is raw animal passion and animals don't talk culture. I can't imagine the billy goat telling his date "Hey baby, from where I come from, we do it this way." They just do it.

    I'll take your advice on the raunchy couple. hahahahahahaha.....

    Agus, useful? I'd say. Try remembering what personality you want to project at that moment of truth!

    What type of personality do you prefer?
    - hmmmmm..... good question...haven't figured that one out yet. I'll let you know when I do. ;)

    The one from behind sounds more like he just got back from a summer sheep herding up in brokeback mountain, ay?
    - Is that a good show? Won some awards though.

    - My dear Agus, you, are catching up on Robin's cuteness!

    Oh boy, you guys make my day. :D

  5. Brokeback Mountain, look beyond the queer side and you'd have watched a beautiful love story. One that ends as abruptly as it started. Be warned though, it is tragic and disturbing. Well, what else do you expect when two guys mate and try to make sense out of it all.

    Me, I'm just glad we made your day, don't we Robin?

  6. Low, Sounds like new way of deciding if someone is you MAN or not.
    - hmmm... I don't know about that lah.

    Agus, tragic and disturbing? Did one of them die or what? Reminds me of Philadelphia. I thought Antonio Banderas looked very cutie pie. haha...

  7. seen brokeback mt last month, it's quite touching, if we can openly see the love between 2 guys as natural, or can be quite frustrating, if we see how their struggle to find the true selves causes further impacts to other family members (yes they both have wife and children)...

    but i m very sure it is banned in msia? cuz with all the censoring (including kissing scene), there will be nothing about the movie but a story about two good friends who love fishing together in brokeback mountain. ;-P

  8. I think they left out a couple hundred positions. They also didn't say anything about yogurt.

  9. I'd commented if they'd mentioned about positions in the water or on a kayak ... *yawn*

  10. Hi YD, thanks for yr perspective on the movie. Sounds like an interesting story.

    MM, a couple hundred positions
    - like the ones in the kama sutra?

    Why am I afraid to ask about the yogurt?

    FH2o, huh?

  11. Well, no wonder fh2o went kayak so often, oh huh...LOL

    Moody, multi-tasking? Sometime you may have know/read about hundred positions, but gotta find someone equally, erm, adventurous, eh? :p

    And yd, banned or not, it will be on the Malaysian street. But let's wait for the final words from our beloved government...

  12. brokeback mountain??

    I am taking installment on this movie.. see 10 mins, fall asleep and then wake up, rewind, try for another 10mins, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz