Thursday, February 16, 2006

One Thousand Bloggers

I got in! I got in! I'm One of the OneThousandBloggers!
Just found out. Yeah, it's a complimentary spot and it's
a long story. Don't want to bore you with the details.

Nope, I won't tell you the spot. See if you can find it.
Clue: It's such a sweet, sweet spot - I could hardly
believe it. You'll agree.

If you find it, don't jump to conclusions though. I can
explain as to why I chose that image. Besides, it's pretty.
You see, I was working on that and it seemed so convenient,
so I just sent it in there and then. My text is actually lame,
on hindsight. I should have just used "Happysurfer in KL" or
something like that. Oh well.... not complaining. I'm one
happy surfer.

No prizes for spotting the spot though. Happy searching!

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  1. u are there as well? difficult to find lah..
    i guess quite a number of people are there as well

  2. Hi Chen, good morning! Yeah, found out from Agus's blog that quite a number of our friends are there too. The only good thing I see is the potential increase in traffic. Only time will tell.

    Thanks for dropping by. Keep up the good work on your blog. Love those pictures of your China trip.

  3. Hmmm ... i am there quite some time ago

  4. Hi louyau! (I like the ring of that. haha...)

    Are folks in England faster or is it just you?

    I've yet to fully explore that tapestry so have not spotted yours yet. I will though. ;)

  5. I'm lost n gettin' a little dizzy from lookin' at small boxes! Give me wide open spaces ...

    So I'll wait for someone to spot u first.
    And oh! let me know when u get an extra 1,000 hits! :)

  6. i know i know.......


  7. FH2o, hahahaha.......

    Jellyfish, shhhhhhhhhh.......
    Do you agree it's a sweet spot?

  8. Very nice spot Happysurfer.

  9. what spot??? I seeing stars!

    Oops, one night no sleep and I look like Panda.. oops.. no offense pandabonium

  10. aiyo, checked all the Malaysia, ja bor page to find u.. should have known u like flowers!!!!

    How did u still get it free meh?? Put me in too..

    haha.. hint hint..

  11. Pandabonium, you found it too! Clever! Jellyfish too.

    Actually, my first choice was the one just below the current spot.

    Robin, I'd say two pandas are better than one. heehee...

    I see you must have recovered well from the sleepless night to be able to spot it too.

    Yes, I like nature in general. I even see beauty in a blade of grass. I just passed by the tree I talked about in Agus's post and noticed that new leaves are beginning to sprout and they're red, yes, simply red among the green. So lovely.

    How did u still get it free meh??

    I guess I was just lucky. Actually, I'm grateful to the site owners. I sent in mine before the fee levy but left out the link (duh!) and they wrote back asking for it which I promptly responded. They then wrote back to inform about the levy. I appealed and they very kindly accepted. I can tell you, they're all heart.