Friday, February 17, 2006

Phasing down for the weekend

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Have a nice weekend!

    If I'm posting at this hour on the weekend, u can guess that I'm up getting ready to go u-know-what-n-where!

    I'm grinning from the above as much as the cartoons! Thks!

  2. Fabric softener? Hehe!!!

    I'm going for a hike, moving on the water without kayak, though :P Have a good weekend too, happy!

  3. HAHAHHAHA so funny lahhhhhhh

    *me & lucas laughing non-stop*

    thanks for the laugh .

  4. Thanks for laughs.

    did I read that right? @low@ said "'m going for a hike, moving on the water without kayak"

    Can he walk on water? I must show him more respect :P

  5. hahaha.. good one.. happu.. sharks are indeed smart!

  6. Very funny! Love the chicken bit. Nuff said!

    You have a good one as well.

  7. FH2o, if I didn't know you any better, I'd say you were getting prettied up for church on a Sunday morning but then again, it's Saturday so I'd guess that you'd be doing your passion justice - kayaking. Hope you've had a great outing.

    Hi Low. a hike on water - that sure sounds exciting. Would love to hear more.

    Hello Winn, long time no talk. How are you (and Lucas)? I have a feeling that Lucas is a model in his previous life, and you, my dear, must have been his manager who discovered him. haha....

    Pandabonium, a hike, moving on the water without kayak - Low must have found something that beats a kayak. We shall find out when he gets back.

    Robin, I wonder if crocodiles are that smart too?!

    Agus, poor chicken, they are always the laughing-stock. Oops!

    Hope everyone's weekend has been nice so far.