Monday, February 27, 2006

Residents rudely awakened by floodwaters

SHAH ALAM: Sunday is a day for sleeping in but not yesterday. Instead, the rest day turned out to be one of anxiety for thousands of residents here who were rudely awakened at dawn by floodwaters gushing into their homes.

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  1. yes, with effective city planning like this, when it rains, it floods!

  2. Next heart-attack news: Petrol price shoots up by 30 cents/liter.

    That's heavy, if not heavier that those flood-mud water.

  3. Robin, funny! Mean too - but true. **Sigh**

    Low, yeah lah, heard about it at 11pm last night.

    What's the price in Sgp, Robin?

  4. When I first saw those pics I thought perhaps fH2O's dreams were leaking over onto this site, but then I read the text. That's pretty nasty!

  5. After those "women's lib" comments a couple of posts ago, I have to say:

    NO DIKE JOKES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If this happens in my neighbourhood, I'll be the most popular guy around with my 6 kayaks n counting ... *sigh*

    Sadly preventable floods are a fact of life in boleh-land.

  7. Pandabonium, yeah, let's go.

    MM, 'dreams', 'leaking' 'dike jokes'....hmmmmm.......hahahaha...

    FH2o, I thought you are already popular even without the flood chipping in.
    Also, 'n counting', eh?