Thursday, July 6, 2006

Mick's Page

I have to admit that I have a thirst for knowledge. One of the pluses that I have derived from blogging is gaining varied information which otherwise I may not
have access to.

We acquire knowledge mainly from people we know and through events happening around us. Anything else beyond that, we gain through reading or from the media or news being related to us by people we know.

Recently, I've had the good fortune of coming across some unique information which has further broadened my horizon and perspective on life.

I've learned a little on staying calm and collected in the event of an auto-accident. I've had a glimpse (albeit virtually) of an English town whose houses reminded me of the ones in our very own Cameron Highlands. I've also learned aspects of army life. And all this first-hand information, I picked up from Mick's Page.

If you get time, do visit Mick's Page. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you, Mick, for generously sharing your knowledge and


  1. hmmm.. i agree,

    blogging has made me more knowledge intensive (not necessary smarter)

    making more cyber friend, who can pour my hearts out without having to introducing and identifying myself

    made me more kaypoh

    and burn some extra time so that I can recover from my mental blog..


  2. Robin, knowledge doesn't make one smarter? hmmm...
    At least I learnt that it's important to take a picture of a taxi-driver's license and note his taxi number. I'm now a wee bit smarter because of that knowledge. No?

  3. Hi Happysurfer. ....

    Thank you kindly for your posting.


  4. Wow, you were right, Happy! That's quite an amazing blog, and I think I'll have to visit it more often. Thanks for the referral!

  5. And don't miss the link on his blog to his photography site.

  6. We learn things everyday
    there is always sumthing to learn

  7. Hi Mick, you're welcome.

    MM, glad you like it. Yeah, don't miss the link to Mick's photo site. Thanks, Pandabonium.

    Zeroimpact, so true. The more we see things with an open mind, the more we will learn.

  8. haha... well, if u read my blog, be careful, since it was branded by one famous Unker before..

    wah... reall nice blog.. how did u find this wonder pic?

  9. Robin, nevermind. I don't care about brands. haha....

    This wonder pic has been included now. Long time no visit, eh? Go lah.