Monday, July 3, 2006

Playboy Calendar - 2006

My brains are not quite working as yet. It's Monday, alright?
Also, the teams that I've been supporting have all lost their game.

Probably you're in the same boat so thought we'll need something
perky to crank us up.

Playboy for guys, we're accustomed to but Playboy for gals, is
quite something else.

Unfortunately, there's no source I could give credit to and if
I hear anyone's not happy about it, they will come down.
So, quick, enjoy them while they're still around.

Source unknown


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. L.O.L.
    how come they acted as models on Playboy calendar!! :_:
    Where are those handsome men?

  3. September and November... Yikes!

  4. PP, they are not handsome enough, eh? haha!
    Btw, was not able to leave a comment on your blog. Is it designed that way?
    Of course, welcome to the world of blogging!

    Agus, haha!

  5. oMg.. i am having indigestion..

  6. Robin, you know it takes a lot of guts and humour to be able to do this. I appreciate that. So, eat up your food and don't forget the vegetables. Sutra can go without your share.

  7. This is disturbin ...

    I may not be able to take nice pictures again after seeing these!


  8. Just a minute...I can feel my dinner coming b....

  9. Happy:
    Actually I am not familiar with setting blog, quiet a newbie. After re-setting the comment box, it works now.
    Have to learn step by step.

  10. lol. this is hilarious!!

    imagine hippopotamus! hahah

  11. How dare you post Robin's picture without asking.

  12. FH2o, don't worry, you'll do great, perhaps even better after this.

    MM, hey, stop that!!!

    PP, you're doing great. I left the first comment. May I suggest one more thing? You may want to have your comments show up in a pop-up window. This would make it easier for visitors to go back to your blog for reference when on the comment box. This config can be found in "Settings - Comments - Show comments in a pop-up window?"

    Hey people, have you visited PP's blog yet? Well, get over there.

  13. Winn, huh?

    Pandabonium, uh-oh - I'm in trouble.