Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tsunami Girl

The tsunami that hit this part of the world on a Boxing Day
some years back has come and gone and people have got on with
their lives. However, for some, life would never be the same,
is never the same.

This morning, I received an email about a girl who has yet
to be reunited with her family. The email is an appeal to
help this poor little girl get word back to her folks to come
take her home. Her folks may not know that she is still alive.
I thought what better way to spread the news than through the
Internet, hence this post. Forgive the title as I couldn't
find a more apt one.

The email reads:

"This little girl is at the PHUKET HOSPITAL- She does not remember her own name or anything about herself. She has lost her parents, please forward this EMAIL Tsunami girl.jpg to all your contacts - someone might recognize her. She was a victim of the tidal wave disaster in Phuket, Thailand and nobody knows who she is so we are hoping if we distribute this EMAIL around the world someone God willing will know her.

Please don't just delete this - your contribution could be the one that solves this little girl's problem. Even if you are one of the people who believes that it is always someone else's obligation to help the misfortunate, please know that
forwarding this will cost you nothing. Let's help!! Forward this to everyone you can. "An act of kindness is worth a thousand prayers""

I hope this little girl will be reunited with her loved ones soon.


  1. hmmmmm this email has been circulating for quite a while already.i think i first got it few months after the disaster.

  2. I thought this might be a hoax, but evidently it is not. However, it is no longer necessary to forward the email as she has been identified as 10 year-old Sophia Michl from Germany.

    She has returned to Germany and his being cared for by one of her father's collegues from work. Her parents were not found.

  3. Dear Pandabonium, this is great news! Thank you for the update. I can now share it with my friend who sent it to me so that she can also spread the good word around.

    Dear Pink Cotton, thank you too.

  4. yes yes.. I have received this 6 months ago.. and knew also that her search was over..

    though unfortunatly, not a happy ending.

  5. At least she's still alive and being cared for by someone who knows her. So many people who suffered that tsunami saw much less happy endings.

  6. MM, I'm with you.

    Robin, do you know something we don't?

  7. In May, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak held Tsunami's Childrens Drawing Exhibition. I went there. The theme of the drawing is Tsunami. It is cruel to make them remember the disaster. The drawings are mostly painted with black, dark blue and brown colour. I bet that was what the kids saw that time. But I am quite HAPPY to find that there is still the SUN appearing in most of the drawings. SUN = HOPE, isn't it? =)

  8. Hi Red Sponge, I agree that it's rather cruel to remind people of sadness. However, the bright side of it is that it also reminds people to be appreciative of the better times and better things.

    Yes, the sun sure means hope, a brighter side, a cheerfulness.