Friday, March 2, 2007

Safeguard the Web for Our Children

I first read about this in Bernard's site and I am all for it. As more and more children use the Internet, the probability of them being exposed to material not suitable for them, i.e., adult stuff, is high as the Internet is a place where this sort of material is easily accesible. It is therefore timely that something be done to safeguard the Web for Our Children.

BloggerPower has initiated a project to safeguard the Web for children. How we as bloggers can help is to post a request to all the “adult site” webmasters. You can either write your own article about it, or simply use BloggerPower's letter as follows:

" Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information."

Let's all band together for the sake of all children.

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