Thursday, April 19, 2007

Postcards from America - Photo Contest results

Back in November of last year, I posted four postcards that were finalists of the Postcards from America Photo Contest. Well, here are the results.

The grand prize went to Postcard # 4 - Crater Lake, Oregon with 52% of the votes. Congratulations to Lisa Panak of Milpitas, California

The other results:

Postcard 1: Detroit, Michigan (14% of the votes)

Postcard 2: Lightning in Hopkinsville, KY (21% of the votes)

Postcard 3: Miramar Beach, Destin FL (13% of the votes)


  1. I think I voted for the Lightning.... I might not have, but if I did, that would be the one! LOL

  2. ps: Why is there not an option to turn the music off? I have to mute my computer instead each time I am in here... *grin*

  3. Oops, sorry.. There is now.. The pause button.. I tried that a few times previously and it never worked... until now! So, please ignore my stupid question above! HUGS!!

  4. LB, yea, sometimes, bits and pieces don't load fully.

  5. You voted? sweet of you to participate.

  6. and now today, I can't turn off the sound again, ... *grrrr* LOL!!! I am so sick of Josh!

  7. LB, Gosh! You are so sick of Josh! Good rhyme, eh? lol

    I've removed it altogether - too much maintenance involved, not worth it, but, it was fun while it lasted. I wonder if it has an impact on the page loading faster.