Saturday, April 21, 2007

Watches at 70% discount

A colleague asked whether it's alright to give someone a watch for a birthday present. His cousin's birthday is just around the corner and he'd like to get her a present. My colleague is not Chinese and he heard that Chinese people do not give clocks as presents. He'd like to know what's the meaning behind this belief.

The Chinese people do have a lot of beliefs but some of these are pure superstition but about giving clocks as presents, it is because the phrase 'presenting a clock' in the Chinese language also mean 'impending demise'. Now wouldn't you say it's inauspicious to give someone a clock? However, a watch is a different word altogether so giving a watch as a gift is perfectly alright. I told my colleague that.

He's a busy man and asked me where's a good place to buy a watch without having to visit too many places. Considering his tight schedule, I recommended him an online watch store where there are many brands including Timex Watches. There are other brands too such as Casio (including G-Shock and Baby-G), Seiko, Citizen, Pierre Cardin and others. Why pay retail when he can get a discount of 70%. Sunglasses and gift vouchers are also available too.

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