Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Stylish Blinds

A girlfriend recently received keys to her new apartment. She's all excited as expected of someone who will be living on her own in her own pad. She's on cloud nine, but that's for another story.

She's been planning for this for a long time so naturally she has been checking out furnishings and stuff, getting quotes from different sources, going through brochures and magazines, and so forth. She also went online to scout for the best items and the best deals.

Curtains may add warmth to a home but my girlfriend has opted for blinds as they are more sleek in looks and easy to maintain plus they complement her aim of a minimalist decor.
She found just what she needs online.

GUARANTEED blinds.com is the leading Internet retailer of high quality custom blinds, discount blinds, and specialty window coverings. Their window blind & shade products include wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds. Their window shades include roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, roller shades, and woven wood bamboo shades.

My girlfriend will also be able to get tips and advice on window blind treatments from their experts, or take advantage of their free blind and shade samples to determine the right fabric or texture that she will need.

With the Super Sale on at GUARANTEED blinds.com, she sure will be getting a good deal for her purchases.


  1. Writing for money now eh? *grin* Can you tell me how to keep Blinds clean all the time? How are they easy to maintain? I mean, you just can't whip them off into the washing machine, could you?

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  3. Giving it a shot. Not a bad deal, from what I've read. I figured might as well, along the way. You should try it too. Very simple to join wan. Just go to my previous post and sign up from there and in five minutes, you're in. Remember to quote my email address tho. Buy me kopi-o, mah. LOL!

    Hey, about cleaning the blinds, let me check that up.

    And talk about using the washing machine, I've heard that shoes can be washed in the washing machine. Ever heard of that? Interesting. Give it a try but don't blame me if the soles come off. Arghhhhh...

  4. haha, Happy, you never fail to live up to the title of this blog by putting anything that is beautiful.

    Yes, Roller Blind is in.. curtain is out.

    Ask her to look at the tatami blind too, they are cool and light.

  5. Yes, I have washed my shoes in the washing machine before!!! They were more like sneakers though, the canvas type... you know? LOL!

  6. Robin, you, my friend are truly observant. I actually named it such because I wanted to share anything beautiful with my friends - though I fail to fulfil that aim most times. Oops! Amazing that you caught it.

    Tatami blinds, will have my friend check them out. Thank you.

  7. LB, exactly, the canvas type I meant. Wow! You did it? How did the shoes come out? All tattered and torn? Were the shoes properly cleaned? I'd like to try that too.


    her room is sooooo nice n pretty!!

    I LIKE =)

    esp when its PINK


  9. PC, that's a pretty room, isn't it? That's a picture from the website but I'm sure my friends room would look something like that knowing her style and preference.

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

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