Tuesday, September 1, 2009

100 Best Bikini Bodies

Well, summer's here and almost gone. Hope you've had fun in the sun, doing the things you've set out to do and going places you've always wanted to.

Beaches are one of holiday-makers favourite vacation spots. Were you at one and had the time of your life people-watching admiring (read ogling at) hot bods in the sun?

You've got to admit the beach is one huge playground and eye-candy store. There are loads to do and plenty to see. You can get active or not but just opt to plop yourself with a good book or magazine on a deck-chair under the cool shade of a beach umbrella drinking ice-cold concoctions that have their own little umbrellas and cherries. Life is sweet..

Unlike in the West, bikini-clad bodies are seldom seen on Malaysian beaches. Only foreigners and the more daring non-Muslim locals would be seen with bikinis. Too bad, otherwise the beaches here would attract more visitors. Ahh...we'll have to settle for the non-flesh kind of bikini-clad beauties then. How about these?

Psst.. which one is your favourite? No, wait, there's more where these came from, yep, all 100 of them..100 Best Bikini Bodies.. Happy picking the best bod.. but aren't we talking about bikinis?


  1. wahhhh so sexy:)
    clicked ur nuffang^^

  2. Malaysia has year-round summer lah...

  3. OMG! Some people is bleeding already...not me... :p

  4. Hi Kelvin, thanks for stopping by.
    So sexy? Definitely yes.

    KS, psst.. Malaysians are not the only ones reading my blog lah...

    T, LOL! Guys!! Can't blame you afterall you're from Mars, a hot planet.

    Word verification: wholeye