Saturday, September 12, 2009

Andy Warhol Paintings Stolen

Is it any wonder some people keep good stuff to themselves? I mean paintings. Case in point..

Have you seen these paintings? A reward of USD1 million has been offered for information leading to the recovery of these art pieces.

This multimillion-dollar collection of artwork by Andy Warhol was stolen from the home of a wealthy art collector in West Los Angeles last week.

A nanny discovered them missing on Sep 3 when she noticed that they were no longer on the wall.

These paintings are about 40 inches by 40 inches each, and were created between 1977 and 1979. The valuable collection included 10 silk-screen paintings of famous sports figures, among them Muhammad Ali, Chris Evert, Jack Nicklaus and O. J. Simpson.

The artwork was on display in the dining room of Richard Weisman, a businessman and art connoisseur whose well-known collection was featured in a book he published in 2003, “Picasso to Pop: The Richard Weisman Collection.”

Source: NY Times


  1. least it is worth quite a fortune to be stolen right? Not like my helmet! LOL :D

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  3. Tekkaus, LOL! Worth many many times over, I'll have to agree.

    So, have you got a replacement helmet already? Happy shopping!

    Hi London, thanks for stopping by.