Monday, September 21, 2009

Beyonce Knowles - First Concert in Malaysia..Oct 25

Beyonce postpones concert in Malaysia..

For the first time, Beyonce Knowles will be taking the stage in Malaysia. She cancelled a concert two years ago citing schedule-conflict but it was actually after protesters threatened to disrupt the concert because of her sexy image and clothing. She performed in Indonesia instead.

The R&B superstar’s upcoming show is already drawing the ire of conservatives in this country, where female performers are required to cover up from the shoulders to knees with no cleavage showing.

I understand there would be a protest note to the Government over the concert reminding the Government of its "responsibility to protect the people of Malaysia from immoral Western influences". Gee-whiz.. as if the people can't discern for themselves!

If there is any consolation, there would be no plans so far to disrupt the concert. *Keeping fingers crossed for those planning on going to the concert.*

Beyonce performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept 13, 2009 in New York. (AP Photo)

There have been artistes who performed in Malaysia under similar protest threats by conservative Muslims, forcing them to don attire that revealed little skin. Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani are among them.

Looks like there will always be controversies of this sort, the most recent being late last month when there was an order forbidding Muslims from attending a Black-Eyd Peas concert because it's sponsored by a beer company. The order has since been reversed.

Beyonce's concert has been slated for Oct 25 at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, at 8pm and tickets for Beyonce I Am... World Tour Live in Malaysia 2009 are sold at RM583, RM383, RM283, RM183 (numbered seats) and RM93 (free seating).

Ticket pre-sales will start from Sept 22.

For more information, call 03-2092 1199 (Marctensia) or log on to

Alternatively, call 03-7755 1000 (Axcess Ticketing) or log on to

- The Star


  1. I think she'll be banned again by the PAS youth! LOL :D

  2. dats y we should not vote for PAS... they 're tooooo extreme....

  3. You think so, Tekkaus?

    Hi Kamarul, yeah, extremism is not good in anything. It makes me wonder about life in other Muslim countries, e.g., the Middle-east. Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you more often here.

  4. I think her concert will be cancelled. Just imagine the ridiculous calls for MLTR's concert to be banned earlier this month!

    Last time when my idol Mariah Carey came to KL to perform, she wore the same old attire the whole concert as a sign of protest for the dress code!

    What a shame! I don't think Mariah will ever come to perform in Malaysia again! : (