Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cheaper International Malaysian Passport

For people who only travel infrequently overseas, this new move to make passports cheaper is certainly great news. People who accompany their children studying abroad and those going to Mecca for the haj or would identify with this.

The new rate is RM100 instead of RM300. Named the Alternative International Malaysian Passport, it is valid for two years instead of the usual five that costs RM300 for a 32-page passpost, RM600 for a 64-page passport.

Apparently, the move to produce an alternative passport is due to complaints from those who seldom travelled abroad that they were forced to pay a hefty sum for a passport.

Also availability of low-fare airline flights and various af­­fordable holiday packages encourage more Malaysians to travel now.

Great news, yes?

Source: The Star.. Infrequent travellers can opt for cheaper passports


  1. That is surely a welcome for those who don't travel frequently right? :P

  2. It sure is. Helpful for some, fundwise.

  3. Good news indeed. Now should I switch to this cheaper passport? Hmmmm....

  4. There are pros and cons, of course.