Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Sep 11, 2001

What happened on Sep 11 eight years ago changed the way we live today. Change is good, we say, but sadly we can't say the same of the changes that resulted from this disaster.

Humans are resilient, but then again, is there a choice? Life goes on.

After 9-11, many thought it would be less desirable to work in high rise offices, but those fears faded quickly. Below image (courtesy of NY Times) is a view as seen from the Chrysler Building looking west, a man works in a high-rise office building in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009.

A firefighter adjusts flowers on a memorial for fallen firefighters at Engine 24 Ladder 5 on Avenue of the Americas and Houston Street in SoHo.

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  1. i still remember working in Petronas Tower back then.. the next day soon after 911, there was a bomb scare, and all tenants in the two towers were asked to evacuate - by stairs!! luckily my office was in 23rd floor, which was considered low zone..

  2. And you don't work there anymore? I remember avoiding KLCC after that for a while because landmarks like these were best avoided.