Monday, September 28, 2009

McDonald's Coke Glass Tumbler

I had a Big Mac meal at McDonald's and picked a purple Coke glass (arrowed above). I think the blue one would have been nicer. The glass is always bluer on the other side. LOL!

Fastfood meals are not cheap in Malaysia. The entire meal plus the tumbler/glass came up to about RM15. A char kway teow (stir-fried noodles) meal (drink included) would only cost close to RM8 at most. Economy rice would be more economical? Oh well, it's not everyday I eat a Western fastfood meal.

Have you got your glass yet? Come to think of it, it's not a needed item. Just because...


  1. haha, i just had McD for lunch just now and i got myself the BLUE one.. i thot this week is supposed to be blue, how come you got the purple instead?

  2. but have to get a large one plus a sundae.. too much for me, i still left my sundae in the fridge, hehe :p

  3. My brother in law just bought one yesterday. I guess many people will have one in their house soon.

  4. Yeah! I got mine already! I wanna collect all! Muahahaha :D

  5. SK, you're right, it's blue this week. I asked the nice lady if I could have a pink one and she got me the purple one instead.

    Superman, I think some will even go as far as to collect the whole set. On the other hand, the set would make a nice collector's item.

    Tekkaus, happy collecting!

  6. Well, fast food is cheap in the US. Eating in other restaurants requires one to pay tips.

    That's why US has so many obese people...

    BTW, sometimes your page loads very slowly. The status bar shows "waiting for"

  7. We do pay tips here too, in the form of sevice tax which of course can come up to quite substantial if the group is big or the bill is large.

    I too encounter the same sometimes. Sorry about that, KS. What I do is to refresh the page. Works everytime.

  8. I got the BLUE one!!!!!!!

    I got it months ago!

    I don't know if our local Mickey-D's is still doing those glasses. I might have to go check.

  9. Wow! You're ahead of us. I have yet to pick up the blue one - the color issued for this week. I don't normally collect these stuff from fastfood outlets but what I like about these is the embossed Coca-cola word.

  10. never knew the glasses can be such a hit. no wonder the campaign is still on hehe. i think mc-d is good at their toys/ glasses.

    btw yes fast food in malaysia is quite pricey. even local food is quite expensive (comparing $-$ or RM-RM).