Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oldest Man Celebrates 113th Birthday

Life magazine today features this gentleman being the world's oldest man at age 113. The picture below shows Walter Breuning blowing out candles on his birthday cake at his birthday celebration on Monday in Great Falls, Mont. He says he stays healthy by eating just two meals a day.
I remember a former colleague once said that he'd be happy to live until 45. He smoked, drank and had many lady companions (although married). And today in his early sixties, he is still alive and doing the same things he used to be doing. Life is unpredictable indeed and in his case, I suppose it's unpredictable on the good side.

Here's a thought. If you were given a choice to pick the age in which you'd give up your life, which age would you pick and why?


  1. Congrates to him! Could I do that? Blowing my birthday candles when I am above 100? :/

  2. I would pick 16 as sweet 16 mah. Haha. That's the best time and not much things to bother and worry about.

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hmmm. I would like to die young. No need to become old and sick.

  4. well i think what is more important is to stay happy and healthy.. how long you can live is still secondary.. agree?

  5. Tekkaus. why not. Start by just eating two meals a day. Can you? :p

    Superman, dying at 16? hmm..

  6. Asha, I think that is almost everyone's ideal. Being old and sick is so depressing, isn't it?

    SK, absolutely! It's the quality that counts not the quantity.

  7. Well, as long as I'm healthy I will not entertain any thoughts of giving up my life! Life is wonderful and I am grateful for it!

    Eating 2 meals a day? I need to eat at least 6 meals a day! haha!

    But I believe how long we live is already fixed before we are born with our agreement. When it's time to go, it's time to go! Unless of course, we do not want to go yet! : )

  8. I wanna sleep to death on the same day that my Wifey does so.

    No pain, no regrets.

  9. Foong, indeed, life is a gift not to be given up.

    You need 6 meals? Wow! You sure are doing great justice to food.

    Shingo, that is such a sweet thought. I am touched for your wife.