Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of Cigars and Pewter Cigar-cutters

Every country or city has her special or unique products that travellers pick up as souvenirs for friends and family back home. When visiting colleagues come to Malaysia, there are a few places they would ask to be taken to. One of them is the Royal Selangor Pewter factory and showroom in Setapak.

I suppose the staff there at the showroom are always happy to see foreign customers because of the volume they buy. They would snap up beer tankards, vases, picture frames, pendants and other costume jewellery, even cigar-cutters. I remember one visitor bought a half dozen of them on his first visit to the showroom. Talk about cigar-cutters, I read that Padron cigars brim with complexity and the essence of coffee and cocoa bean. I can imagine how good they would smell.


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Hi HappySurfer. Thanks for the concern. Yeah, the storm yesterday was really bad. Almost the entire island of Luzon is facing a big problem. My family also experienced flood yesterday. But we're all fine and safe. God is good.

    Thank you so much.

    Be safe always.

  2. hmmm cigar can be very expensive, perhaps it's the smell and feeling that determine the grade?? but for a non-smoker like me, and especially hate second-hand smoke, they are no difference..

  3. Tobacco is a nasty health hazard (thankfully I quit after only a few years when I was a dumb kid). As [SK] points out, the 2nd hand smoke is nasty too. Recent studies show smoking bans cut the number of heart attacks by 26% - 2nd hand smoke double the risk.

  4. Rej, stay well and safe.

    SK, strangely, I used to like the smell of cigars but not anymore. Yeah, cigars are not cheap but if it's a baby boy, why not, eh? I'm not being sexist but isn't it a norm to celebrate with cigars when the baby is a boy?

    PandaB, good to see the decline. They are now talking about third-hand smoke, i.e., smoke that sticks to clothings, hair and such. There need to be a workaround for people bringing in third-hand smoke (from the smoke-area) into lifts.