Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is There A Cure for Acne?

If a pimply-faced teenager looking for acne treatment walks into a drugstore, he would be baffled by the variety of creams and lotions available on the shelves. I mean, how does he know which one to choose? He'd probably go back home empty-handed or just pick one he thinks could help his condition the most.

If he were to be a smart shopper, he'd first do some research and would probably find out that a good criteria to use would be something that ranks acne treatment product based on the following elements:

1) Safety
2) Ingredient Quality
3) Side Effects
4) Acne Fighting Power
5) Customer Feedback
6) Overall Value

Not sure if there is a cure acne magic product but the best in the market will surely do some good. Also, getting enough sleep and proper diet with lots of water would help, of course.


  1. i think there's hardly one that can cure acne, but i would say help to reduce or avoid.. it's not a kind of sickness that will heal, but rather about hormones and the body secretion sort of things i think..

    i had ugly problems with acne during teenage time too.. :)

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Don't think there's one acne solution in the market that works for everyone. Alot of it has to do with the person's skin type and suitability of the products.

    Just like not all over-the-counter type of beauty products are suitable for everyone.

  3. The one solution to acne problem is, let it come out and let it go away,,hahahahah.

    anyway drink a lot of fluid, fruit juices the best and sleep well, exercise.

  4. Cure for cancer? No cure....but there's a prevention. Eat healthy foods lor! :p

  5. I hope to get one good one but can never find one. I guess the acne just win all the way when fight with those brilliant researchers for acne cure. Hehe.

  6. SK, I guess you are right about not having a cure but alleviating the condition is possible. That's why acne treatment comes into play.

    Oh, you had acne problem as a teenager? The best part is that it goes away with age? Yeah?

    Mei Teng, I totally agree on that. It's more trial and error in some cases.

  7. Eugene, sound advice there about letting it come out and letting it go away. Only thing is, most people have itchy fingers and would pick on them, aggravating the condition.

    Yeah, drinking lots of water/fluids is a good way of cleansing the system. I hear beer does wonders because it is cooling. No?

    Tekkaus, least acne is non-fatal.

  8. Superman, aww!! Hope you find one that works. Some of my colleagues consult a skin-specialist for help.