Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Frolics: How Open Minded Are You?

I don't know about you, those of you who have done these quizzes, but I find the results pretty close to who I am - scary in a way, you know. But don't worry, they don't rule me. I won't let them. As a matter of fact, I forget the results as soon as I finish reading them. That's the beauty of being able to turn your mind off things. Bliss.

You Are 64% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.

Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.

But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.

You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

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  1. It says I'm 73% open minded, which I suppose is okay, but I'm not sure whether I'm happy about this:

    "You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
    Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
    You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.
    You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself."

    Actually, I think it's hard to be totally honest on this test...

  2. That's a cute reading, MM, funny too. What I like is the bit about you not having a judgemental bone in your body and that you're very accepting. That is so nice of you. I can see now why you have been left taking care of bags during school outings and such.

  3. ...or am I just too nice...?