Friday, November 21, 2008

Pinhole Glasses - Have You Heard?

The other day, I met Jenn, a former colleague, at a function and was surprised at how well she looked. I thought she swopped her glasses for contacts but apparently her vision has improved so much, she no longer needs glasses.

She said the secret lies in a pair of pinhole glasses that she recently acquired from a friend's recommendation. I have never heard of pinhole glasses so she clued me in a little. At the same time, I had to find out for myself how a simple pair of eyeglasses could cause such a major transformation. Now I can share it with you.

Firstly, this is how pinhole glasses look like. Pinhole glasses or pinhole eyeglasses, consist of precision-manufactured lightweight perforated plastic lenses, inset into standard metal or plastic spectacle frames. These glasses are ideal for sufferers of refractive eye disorders, the elderly and computer users.

A little about how these pinhole glasses work. In a healthy eye, light rays are focused into a single point on the light sensitive retina at the back of the eyeball. Depending on the type of refractive disorder endured, less healthy eyes focus light rays either in front of or behind the retina, casting a 'blur circle' on the retina itself. The pinholes on the surface of the plastic lenses of the pinhole glasses effectively narrow down the aperture of the eye's pupil, thus allowing a narrower beam of light through to the eye lens with a greater depth of field. The narrow beam casts a smaller 'blur circle' on the retina, improving your vision.

It seems achieving perfect vision is possible. Probably, Jenn's vision is near perfect as she is going about her business without the aid of prescription glasses. She drives too.

Looks like pinhole glasses really do work. At $14.99 a pair, it's really a steal. The price aside, they are not bad-looking, they are light weight, durable and one pair suits all situations. You can watch tv and read a book with the same pair. Talk about convenience.

So, for those of you who are currently wearing glasses, are you game enough to try this modern and affordable alternative to prescription eyeglasses, eh?


  1. Do you mean to say that this pin hole glasses can cure short sightedness? After wearing it for some time, you can actually have better vision and stop wearing it?

  2. Hard to believe, eh? But it's happening to Jenn. She's driving around town, even at night. I think the pinhole feature has corrected her shortsightedness.

    At that price, I think it's worth a try vs the hundreds one pays for a regular pair of prescription glasses.