Monday, November 10, 2008

Bavarian Bierhaus - German outlet’s new branch draws KLCC crowd

I just had my lunch but this picture of a generous portion of a mixed sausage platter gets me hungry all over again.

This mouth-watering dish is on the menu of Kuala Lumpur's newest branch of a German restaurant, Bavarian Bierhaus. The new outlet is located at Wisma UOA with the first one being at The Curve in Petaling Jaya.

When it comes to German cuisine, not only sausages, pork knuckles come to mind and they top the favourites at this restaurant. There are a few types to choose from and new at this outlet are the Crispy Knuckle with Pineapple Gravy and the Crispy Knuckle with Thyme Infusion.

Pork lovers’ must-try at the outlet is also the Pork Ribs, which is another hearty meal like the knuckles.

Pretzels, who can forget pretzels. The pretzels are fresh and aromatic. They can be eaten with Odatza, a savoury dip made from soft cheese, garlic, cream and pepper.

The outlet also has an interesting snack menu to go with its crisp and smooth Paulaner beers.

It also has an interesting offer of set lunches at RM19++. It comes with a main course, soup of the day, iced-lemon tea or a soft drink.

BAVARIAN BIERHAUS, No. 8, ground floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur. Business Hrs: noon to 11pm, daily. Sun, 3pm to 11pm. Tel: 03-2166 7268. Non-Halal.

Source: The Star..German outlet’s new branch draws KLCC crowd


  1. What a catchy name. Bavarian? Ha =) It do look nice but doesn't feel like food that the barbarians munch!

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I love pretzels...yum!

  3. The sausage looks nice :) Long and thick :)

  4. I was thinking that you have also done food blogging. It looks like you merely copied from The Star.

    Next time, you personally go to the store and try...

  5. looks good. kl has got good food. wish they are cheaper hehe :)

  6. Tekkaus, I suppose the name fits the cuisine they serve - Bavarian/German.

    MBL, perhaps time to try out the ones here, eh?

    MB, they have the foot-long ones too. :p

    KS, no, food blogging is not my cup of tea (yet). My aim here is just to share information that I come across and what better source than from The Star.

    I don't fancy reviewing food that's why you don't read about my visits to Nando's or Shangri-la or Mandarin Oriental or Ritz Carlton's food outlets or the neighbourhood teh tarik stall. Sorry to disappoint you.

  7. QC, I agree. Is food cheaper in Sgp apple to apple?

  8. oh yes, very much if you compare apple to apple. esp those restaurants & cafes... and believe me, sometimes even hawker's food.

  9. Wow! That's awful. I noticed prices in cafes have gone up drastically since the last petrol hike but when there's a reduction, food prices don't get adjusted. As for hawker food, I think it's more the location. Food is cheaper in housing estates than downtown.

  10. All that wonderful stuff and PAULANER BEER, TOO???!?

    Happy, you're TORTURING me!!!!

  11. Yay, Paulaner beer. I suppose it's a more superior beer (at least in taste) being brewed under the German Law of Purity with no chemical or artificial enzymes added. One would be zonked out faster too, I guess, since it's got a higher than regular alcohol content. No?

    There is no brewery here but there is one in Singapore, Microbrewery, it is called. It's beside their bierhaus at Millenia Walk. Imagine downing freshly-brewed Paulaner beer. Cheers!

  12. ya, the best place to have paulaner beer. I only go there for beer rather then the food...haha


  13. Hi, Kennhyn, thanks for the confirmation. Cheers!!!