Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Home Away from Home

One of the good things of Malaysia's colonial heritage is the big vacation homes our colonial ancestors left behind.

If you were to visit holiday places like Penang, Frasers Hill, Cameron Highlands and even Port Dickson, and looking for a place to stay, you would be able to find vacation homes for rental just like those Outer Banks rentals in North Carolina.

Someone I know used to own a vacation home outfit and it even has its own private beach. It's on the west coast, so sunset is truly a sight to behold.


  1. That look more like a hotel than a house. I guess that is what people mean when they say "McMansion". :^)

  2. LOL! McMansion it is. In fact, some big houses here, even in elite housing estates, are like this. Sad, in a way. Stifling.