Friday, November 14, 2008

Singapore Zoo Incident

Heard over the radio this morning about a horrifying incident which happened in the Singapore Zoo in which a cleaner was mauled to death by two white tigers. The incident was photographed as well as captured on video by holiday-makers. The news is on the frontpage of the Straits Times of Singapore.

Eye-witnesses said they had earlier seen the victim shouting and throwing things as he walked by the crocodile enclosure, a short distance from the tiger enclosure.

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  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    It was a tragic incident.

  2. Hi Happy,

    Those tigers were probably agitated to attack him.. remember a similar attack by also a white tiger on Roy Horn of the famous 'Siegfried & Roy'team?

    Even well-trained animals are still animals!

  3. MBL, tragic and how awful for the tourists to have witnessed it.

    Hi Joe, you know what? I was just thinking of you today and wanted to visit you. I guess you read my mind and beat me to it. How are you?

    I didn't know about Siegfried & Roy so I read up on them at Wikipedia. The white tiger was actually trying to drag Roy to safety thinking he was under attack just like a mother tigress would pull one of her cubs by the neck. But you are right, even well-trained animals are still animals.

  4. This is terrible! I have always loved Singapore Zoo. Even plan to go there next year.

  5. Yeah, Foong, it is. Still, the Singapore Zoo is worth a visit - just don't get too close to the enclosure, eh. I enjoyed the Bird Park more though.

  6. Happy,

    You've been to Sing's Bird Park?
    I've not been there for ages.. even decades ;)

  7. Joe, yes, and it's a very nice place to visit. I wouldn't mind going there again.