Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time for a Vacation

The school holidays are just around the corner. Families would already have made their holiday plans and confirmed their reservations, some as far ahead as a year ago. Is there a downturn? I don't think so! At least not for everyone.

Some months back, an office-mate was checking out dates for her Disney vacations. One of them is this 4-day 3-night package which includes 2 Seaworld/Aquatica tickets. If one just need rooms, some are going for as low as $19. Unbelievable but true.


  1. US$19 bucks!?!?! That is incredibly cheap. Cheaper than even the slimiest, dodgiest, grimiest motels that rent by the hour!

    No doubt going to be a very popular package.

  2. Pete, incredible, it is. That's what's stated on their website.